Fabio Hurtado


The son of an Italian mother and  Spanish father, Fabio Hurtado was
born in Madrid in 1960.
His passion for cinema, music and painting began at a very early age,
defining his vocation for the arts. He enter the Fine Arts Faculty of
Madrid University and during two years he worked as a teacher in
several art schools. From 1988 he dedicate himself entirely to painting
after a very succesful one man show in Germany.
But Fabio Hurtado always had a wider approach to art and his
profession provided from that moment on financial stability to indulge
in his passion for music and photography.

In the late 70’ s, Fabio was playing in a rock band and had the chance
during the 80’s , of taking pictures in the unsettled environment  of
social changes, drugs, sex , night life and creativity of Spanish life at
that time.
He used to focus his work through series of different subjects, sometimes
from Fabio’s own experiences and others from various sources of
inspiration like music, cinema, friends, theatre, etc.
He covered some international dance, theatre and jazz festivals,
having the opportunity of taking pictures to mythical names in the scene
like : Marcel Marceau, Lindsay Kemp or Kazuo Ohno.

Other big source of images came also from his passion on travelling.
His main subjetcs in the next years were nature and human’s day-to-day
reality, always trying to focus his camera on  people you normally don’t
see in most tourist guides.
His anthropological interest in human being had a crucial influence in
the next two decades, specially on persons making his living in the
streets all around the world.  We even find a curious closeness  between
all this people, no matter the country, rich or poor, where they live.
The streets of the world seen as common universal shelter and working

Lately, Fabio went one step beyond and tried to provide his photos  with
an organic concept of existence, fusing human figure with the four main
elements of life : water, earth, wind and fire, as a sort of remembering of
what we have been losing in modern times : our links with nature.

Fabio has an obvious classical training, specially in technique , but this
influence is just a start point. Black and white photos represent his purist
side and color the creative.
He normally tries to avoid photomontage or excessive editing, he still
uses traditional film  and gives more significance to the camera work
rather than computer manipulation.
Even for effects, he prefer to create them on the scene,  most of the
times with natural light, as some kind of play using real elements, makeup
and camera operation.
He basically believes that the magic must be in the shot.